Case study: Wiltshire - hit in the face with a chisel

Sergeant Sean Brady was subjected to an horrific attack early in his career by a car thief armed with a chisel.

In December 1991, he and a colleague had caught a pair of thieves red handed interfering with cars. Sgt Brady got hold of a man, who had the car stereo in his hand, and his colleague tackled the female accomplice.

As Sgt Brady, a firearms officer, turned his attention away from the suspect for a moment, he was hit in the face with an 18 inch cold chisel. He fell to floor completely “out of it” and when he got up couldn’t see out of one eye.

His colleague and the female offender stopped fighting when they saw the extent of Sgt Brady’s facial injuries. He had suffered severe damage to his eye socket and his cheek was compressed.

The night before, Sgt Brady had just learned that his wife was expecting their first child. Just 24 hours later he was undergoing five hours of surgery. The surgeon had to kneel on the operating table when trying to push his cheek bone back into place.

Sgt Brady was initially unable to eat solid foods and missed five months of work. His attacker was jailed for a year for ABH. Upon his release, he was arrested in Scotland for attempted murder of a police officer.

Sgt Brady has suffered no long term effects, apart from having to give up boxing.

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