Case study: Lancashire - strangled

Lancs Assault Barry Dyson

PC Barry Dyson from Lancashire Police

PC Barry Dyson attended a domestic incident and ended up being held down by the throat by a much larger man.

He recalled: “When I turned up they asked if I was the only one because he’s a big fella and I’m only 5ft 7in. I got upstairs and he was about 6ft 4in, I told him there’d been an allegation and he had to come to the station. He resisted, I tried to handcuff him and he kicked off.

We were grappling, I was like a piece of string in the wind against him. I managed to get one cuff on him, and the other was hanging round. Next thing, I was on this double bed with a big 18-stone bloke on top of me and he’s strangling me."

There was no lasting damage but the suspect walked free from court and decided to claim for police brutality against PC Dyson.

He said: "That had a big impact on me for six months or so. I was really disappointed and upset after the case and gobsmacked really."

A couple of months later he got strangled again by another guy on his bed. "What are the chances of that?" he said. "I was the laugh of the station, 'Barry Dyson got strangled again' ".

"That went to court after the other one and because I’d lost the first one, I thought I couldn’t go through that all again, so we kind of plea bargained for a resist arrest because I couldn’t face another trial. At least that way he was guilty of something, unlike the other guy."

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