Case study: West Yorkshire - head-butted

PC Vicky Thompkins suffered severe damage to her teeth and loss of confidence after a “dangerous man” head-butted her in the face.

She was called to an older persons’ housing complex where the man had been wandering around and intimidating residents. He told police he had been locked out.

PC Thompkins and her colleague returned him to his flat but found cannabis inside. The man became more aggressive and was saying “weird and random things”.

PC Thompkins said: “I explained it would be necessary to arrest him under the Mental Health Act and also over the drugs. He lunged forward and head-butted me in the face with enough force to send to me backwards to the floor.”

The attack snapped one of her teeth and dislodged another – an x-ray showed up other fractures. She had to have a temporary filling and a splint put in her mouth. It has made her self-conscious and affected her confidence.

PC Thompkins explained: “I feel angry about it. I am a single parent to a small child and I had to tell her something completely different to what happened. In the back of my mind I am thinking, what if something more serious happens and she has to be told I’m not coming home?”

The offender assaulted another officer after PC Thompkins. She added: “He is a dangerous man and they released him back into the community.”

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