Case study: Hampshire - assaulted on roadside

PC Vikki Sharpe

PC Vikki Sharpe from Hampshire Constabulary

'He kept trying to drag me into the lane of traffic, I thought he was going to finish me off.'  PC Vikki Sharpe wanted to become a police officer ever since she was four years old, but a horrific encounter with a drunk driver left her dream in tatters.  This is her story...

PC Vikki Sharpe of Hampshire Constabulary was on duty alone early in the morning in June 2014 when she pulled over a car that was being driven erratically. The driver failed a breath test and became very aggressive.

PC Sharpe said: "He grabbed my arm. We tussled for about 10 minutes and he kept pushing me against the car and trying to drag me into the live lane of the motorway. I thought he was trying to finish me off."

With back-up some 30 miles away, PC Sharpe deployed her CS gas but it had little effect. She managed to handcuff the offender to his steering wheel before collapsing with shock, pain and exhaustion. However the offender managed to get his car started and sped off. Despite being in immense pain with a broken hand, cracked ribs and a damaged back, PC Sharpe gave pursuit.

The man was arrested by another unit and he was eventually jailed for two years. The judge said: "It was one of the worst cases of assault on a police officer whilst resisting arrest that I have ever seen."

PC Sharpe still suffers from her injuries. She said: "The police has been my dream job since I was four but I go to work now feeling totally different. I have been assaulted before but this was different. It has had such an effect on me."

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