National Council

The National Council (NC) comprises the Chair and Secretary from each of the 43 local Police Federation Branches as well as 12 representatives with protected characteristics.

The NC will officially exist from their first meeting on 19 and 20 September 2018 and work closely with the newly formed Police Federation National Board to represent and support members.  The NC replaces the Interim National Council (INC) which was established after all recommendations of the Independent Review were accepted at Annual Conference in 2014.  

The Chair and Secretary of each Branch is detailed on the relevant Contact us page, split into regions as below.

The 12 representatives with protected characteristics are:

Region 1

  • Zeg Awan (Lancashire)
  • Lindsay Atherton (GMP)

Region 2

  • Sarah Hanson (West Yorkshire)

Region 3

  • Tony Hibbert (Warwickshire)

Region 3

  • Peggy Lamont (West Midlands)

Region 4

  • Shane Schucroft (Norfolk)
  • Lisa Davies (Nottinghamshire)

Region 5

  • Laura Heggie (Essex)

Region 6

  • Sue Honeywill (Devon & Cornwall)

Region 7

  • Nicky Ryan (Gwent)

Region 8

  • Deryck Wilson (Metropolitan)
  • Belinda Goodwin (Metropolitan)