Election process

As part of our organisational reform we have worked with the Home Office to write new regulations to change the way the organisation is structured and how our elections are run - these new regulations became law on 31 December 2017.

The new process will provide a new rank-less structure; there will be no more separate rank committees at local or national level. The number of officials on the National Board will be reduced from 30 to 24.

The National Board along with the National Council (which is made up of local Federation chairs and secretaries and other individuals from protected characteristics groups) will be the key decision-making bodies for the organisation.

What is the new election process?

  • Members vote for workplace reps (Branch Council)
  • The Branch Council vote for the Branch Board members
  • Members elect the local Branch Chair
  • The Branch Board elects the local Branch Secretary
  • Branch Board Chair and Secretary make up the National Council
  • National Council votes to elect the National Board
  • Members vote to elect the National Chair
  • National Board select the General Secretary
  • National Board vote in remaining Principal Officers

The new process allows members to vote for their workplace representatives, local chairs as well as the national chair via a new electronic voting system which will be facilitated by the National Members' Database.

Please be advised, the election process will not affect the services we provide to members, who will continue to be served by their current reps until the election process has finished.

What are the key dates?

A break down of each round is shown in the table below. The rounds in bold text indicate those in which members are able to vote: 

Key date What's happening
25 Jan - 10 Feb (Met) Elected Representative nominations open
1-17 February Branch Council nominations open
22 Feb - 14 March (Met) Elected Representative voting open
1-21 March Branch Council voting open
By 22 March (Met) Elected Representative results
23 March - 1 April (Met) Branch Council nominations
28 March Branch Council election results
3-11 April Branch Board nominations open
6-19 April (Met) Branch Council voting open
15-23 April Branch Board voting open
By 22 April (Met) Branch Council results
24-26 April (Met) Branch Council Executive election and results
To follow: (Met) Branch Board election and results
27 April Branch Board election results
1-11 May Branch Chair nominations open for all Branches
14-30 May Branch Chair voting open for all Branches
31 May Branch Chair election results

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